Book for beekeepers, "What the beekeepers did not know"

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Book for beekeepers.

This is the best present for beekeeper (for birthday, for Christmas, for each occasion).

Each beekeeper needs book about beekeeping.
The findings in the book are from the monitoring of 10,000 hives around the world from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, all European countries, but also from the USA and Canada. In this book you will find all the techniques of beekeeping from the ancient past to the present.

Find out, how bees behave in each month of the year. You will learn what you should do every month and plus BONUS for you: you can read here detailed information on monitoring bee colonies such as what humidity and temperature is ideal in the hive, how much honey bees should collect during the year, how many they fly during the day from the hive and how many of them will return, at what hour they prefer to fly, what frequencies of sound they emit when something bothers them, and many other surprises.

The book also describes in detail our products for monitoring hives. There you will learn much more about the graphs and numbers from your hives if you monitor them.

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